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    ભેગા થવું એ શરૂઆત છે,
    ભેગા રેહવું એ પ્રગતિ છે પરંતુ
    ભેગા મળીને કામ કરવું તે સફળતા છે. . .

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United Brahm Samaj

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LATEST ENTRIES (eBrahmins Matrimonials)

Unevad Brahmin, Gotra: Kaushik

I come from an upper middle class family. The most important thing in my life is religious believes, moral values & respect for elders. I am modern thinker but also believe in good values given by our ancestors. I love trekking, going on trips with friends, listening music & watching latest movies. I am looking for someone who is mature enough to take important decision for life, Educated and beautiful by thoughts and by heart, Fair Skin is not necessary.

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Scientific reasons of som...

एक गोत्र में शादी क्यूँ नहीं…. वैज्ञानिक कारण हैं.. एक दिन डिस्कवरी पर जेनेटिक बीमारियों से सम्बन्धित एक ज्ञानवर्धक कार्यक्रम देख रहा था … उस प्रोग्राम में एक अमेरिकी वैज्ञानिक ने कहा की जेनेटिक बीमारी न हो इसका एक ही इलाज है और वो है “सेपरेशन ऑफ़ जींस”.. मतलब अपने …

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